Twelve Generous Inspiring Friends For Christ

Twelve Generous Inspiring Friends For Christ

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Live Strong:  Men’s Sports and Wellness Day of 4/10/2010

The Central Jersey TGIF (Twelve Generous Inspiring Friends) group organized the 2010 “Live Strong – Men’s Sports and Wellness Fair.”  It was a big success. 

Back in 2008 the group did a health fair for the women.  It was so encouraging and informative that they decided to offer the same benefit for the men of the church, their family and their friends.  Please read below what some of the men had to say about their experience.

You may visit the link: to learn more about TGIF and if you wish, write how the health and wellness fair helped you.  Others may learn and be encouraged from your experience. 

----Mario Depeine

The men's health forum was a great experience. The speakers were good and answered all the questions given them.

The presentations were also helpful and gave me some things to think about. The biggest thing for me was that men were talking about health issues, which isn't the easiest thing for us to do let alone     
                                                       deal with.                                         

There are many things we can do to prevent more health problems down the road so we should certainly have the conversation, at least. I hope we have more of these in the future.

---Aaron Clark

I want to thank the women of our church for realizing the benefit and need for men to be aware of their health. I was impressed by the diversity and range of the experts that gave presentations.

The nutritionist’s presentation was especially eye opening. It revealed the extreme gaps that I have in my diet. I realized that I was relying too heavily on supplements. I learned that food is our first line of defense and offense. Another aspect that cannot be ignored is the link that exists between the consumption of life giving nutrients and the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, prostate and colon cancers. I must have many more foods added into my diet, namely fruits, veggies and other sources of fiber.

I was also very impressed with the sports medicine presentation. I learned the importance of omega 3 and omega 6. I will try to get these vitamins and fatty acids from fish or fish oil. It is good to know that you can grow old in style.

We learned a great deal from a chiropractor. He had a lot of energy and great knowledge. We learned how almost all of us are asymmetrical. Most of our pain and injuries are caused by a problem with our gait. Orthotics can help tremendously.

We also learned the cold hard facts about the numbers of men with occurrences of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I learned that almost all of these conditions are preventable and almost 100% curable if discovered early. We were told the best ways to check for these problems and at what ages. I was made aware of the fact that if you live long enough you will get prostate cancer.

The martial arts exhibition was also great. I was most impacted by the Tai Chi. It was great to know another way to reduce stress and become more in tune with my body. I was also sore from the short workout, so I know it is beneficial for me.

Like most men I do not crave my next visit to the doctor, but after all this great information I will utilize my access to health care.

---Charles Mathis

“The Men’s Fitness and Sports Day was a high quality informative time in which I learned practical tips on nutrition, preventative health maintenance, stress management, cardiovascular health and cancer prevention.

I was impacted by the topics chosen and quality of people that came to speak about the different topics and how we had a chance to obtain crucial information to help us become aware of our daily habits and how they tie in to the risk of heart disease and cancer.   I was also encouraged by the opportunity to participate in a martial arts demo, which taught us about stress management, discipline and exercise.

I feel that this was a valuable opportunity to learn about health from experts in their field.  Since this event, I have changed habits in my diet and exercise to hopefully make a difference to my health.   I am grateful and proud of our TGIF group for having put this event together and look forward for other events like this in the future.”

---Nelson Jimenez

The Men’s Sports and Wellness Day was a great source of information for men who are concerned about their health and spirit.

I learned about prostate health, what are some warning signs and how to try to prevent prostate cancer from happening by eating healthier foods, not processed.  

Weight management:  How to eat well and exercise regularly, and food awareness; what foods can enhance your performance and give you the extra energy you need.

This forum has motivated and inspired me to take my health more seriously.

---Greg Barker