Twelve Generous Inspiring Friends For Christ

Twelve Generous Inspiring Friends For Christ

Project Providers

Many health professional and providers have donated their valuable time, knowledge and expertise to make our health fairs great.  The TGIF group would like to express our gratitude for your thoughtful contribution to serving and helping to educate others about their health needs.   Thanks to:


 Anthony Dissen, RD  - "The Role of Nutrition in Men's Health & Wellness" 

 Dr. Thomas Cawley, Chiropractor -"Diabetes and Hypertension”  

 Dr. Missak Haigentz  - Oncologist - Prevention for Prostate & Colon Cancer 

 Dr. William Charschan - Sports Medicine 

 Dr. Santhosh Cheela -  Gastroenterologist 

 Sifu Jacques Tege, Jr. of the Jade Dragons Internal Strength Training Association to discover the essence of both external and internal martial arts training.  Basic self defense techniques, and understand the relationship between form and function / health and self defense